Sunday, July 23, 2006

Week 8 Approaches

So I am only a few days away from the 8 week post-op mark and my "6 week post-op" check up. It's funny, my doctor wanted to see me at 6 weeks for a post-op follow up but his office couldn't schedule me until week 8. Now, for some people, this may not seem like a big deal. But for my fellow Dysplastics out there, we know that the 6-8 week mark means the beginnings of mobility! It means the potential to lose a crutch! It means weight bearing and it could mean WALKING!

Now, I am not an orthopedic surgeon, nor do I play one on TV, but I do know my body. I know that I am in zero pain and that I am quick to heal. Therefore, in celebration of week 8 approaching, I have been w-a-l-k-i-n-g (still putting a good chunk of weight on the crutches). Don't tell anyone! It just feels soooooo good. Zero pain. I've even tried walking with one crutch! Just short distances.....around the house.....slowly.....very carefully....don't worry Mom.

Tuesday is the appointment. Tuesday we do x-rays to see what's going on and on Tuesday my doctor will drop me down to one crutch. And if he doesn't I am going to bludgeon him with the other.

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