Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The 8 Week Check Up (and I'm still on crutches)

Holy Crap Weasels - I am still on crutches! I get to stay on crutches with partial weight bearing for ANOTHER 6 WEEKS. This means that I can walk using both legs, but with every step on my op side, I have to put about 2/3 of my weight on the crutches. The good doctor only wants 50-60 lbs. on my op leg at a time.

Yeah. I am freakin' thrilled.

I finally got to see my doctor after a 2.5 hour wait past my appointment time. (MUSC Bone and Joint Center is ALWAYS this behind schedule. Bring a book. Or twelve.) I was graced with my usual 10 minute appointment where he informed me of my "crutch situation". I tried to reason with him but we all know there is no reasoning with orthopedic surgeons. I even told him that in one of my last posts I promised to bludgeon him about the head with my crutches if he told me what he just did. Still nothing.


At least I can drive now. I am free to load up my trunk and back seat with crutches and drive myself (and my crutches) around town. Super Duper.


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM


    I am sure you are VERY disaapointed but did he give you any idea of why? Did you ask if you could go to 1 crutch?

    The good news is that driving will give you more freedom. Hang in there...


  2. I asked if I could go down to one crutch - but he said no. He said I am healing great, but he only wants me at the partial weight bearing level for 6 weeks. After that he said I should, hopefully, be able to go down to nothing, not even a cane. So I think he is just being really, really over protective.


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