Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hypermobility Syndrome Anyone?

Holy Crap - I'm Hyper Mobile!

So, I have had increasing joint pain and joint stiffness in the last few years, as many of you hip folks know. What's been odd is that its not just in my hips anymore. Its my knees, my shoulders and elbows, even my fingers. Its also been coupled with fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches and muscle pain. So I was finally sent to a rheumotologist. She took one look at me and had me do a couple of my neat double jointed tricks (I can basically tie my fingers in knots, my knees practically bend backwards, as do my elbows, my feet can twist almost backwards, etc. etc.) and said that I was hypermobile. Hypermobility Syndrome to be specific.

Now she didn't act like that could be the cause of any of my troubles and told me to avoid yoga at all costs (too late) and that she'd keep testing me for the real cause of my problems (like RA or Lupus, both of which I test negative for). But here's the deal....I started looking up Hypermobility Syndrome and it can cause ALMOST ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS!!!

And I'm thinking that should include my lingering hip pain. I've asked my OS about that and he said my hip is perfectly positioned and he sees no reason for my hip pain and what if he's right? What if there is no Hip Dysplasia related pain left in my pao'd hip but it's HYPERMOBILITY PAIN? Eh?

What about that??? Any of you other Hipsters out there Hyper Mobile? Let me know!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I must begin my lengthy research into the topic of hyper mobility.