Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Took It To The Limit...

And now I am SORE!

Yesterday was very exciting. I decided, enough was enough. If I spent one more days inside, in my chair, someone would die. So, I took a shower, got dressed and we went OUT!!! First to Bed, Bath and Beyond for new curtains, then off to lunch at The Bookstore Cafe (if you're in or near Charleston - stop by - the food is sooo freakin' good), finally to Publix for a bit of grocery shopping. We went home and then back to Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange a faulty curtain rod, then home again. Now, before you are extremely impressed with my apparently massive upper body muscles, I used wheelchairs in both stores. However, I was boggled by how self absorbed people are. No one got out of my way, when I was on crutches or in the wheelchair, even when I asked! All of the handicap parking was taken up, often by cars with no handicap permit.
It was maddening and ridiculous.

And I am sooooo sore today. My arms are sore, my sides are sore and my operated side arse cheek is sore. so very sore.

So perhaps this 4th of July, I will gratefully and willingly spend the day inside, in my chair.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM


    Great that you got out and about and it is definitely an eye opener on how people react...Yes you will be sore when doing new things that is why it is good to try something everyday that is a bit different but also to know when you should take it easy. However you are at the point where you will be getting stornger everyday... Keep up the great recovery

  2. Heather!

    I am so proud of you getting out. Do it everyday. You will be amazed at how much energy you will have once you get out more. Use your crutches more, it really helps with your gait....trust me. Get off your chair. I have no soreness and am out everyday now. Jennifer


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