Saturday, July 29, 2006

Regarding Last Tuesday

To answer a few questions about my incomplete rant over continued crutches:

The doctor didn't really give me a reason for the continued crutches. He said I was healing really well and quickly, at that. When I mentioned to him that others, at this point, were moved down to one crutch with the status of "50% weight bearing," he told me "partial weight bearing" was impossible on one crutch. He also said that of the three cuts they make in the pelvis, the top one takes the longest to heal. Because of the rotation of the acetabulum, that top break has the largest gap to fill with new bone. Maybe, my acetabulum was rotated in an odd fashion that would make that top gap larger than most?

On the plus side, He did say that in all likelihood, after the additional 6 weeks on crutches, I would be able to walk crutch and cane free. So, with that knowledge, I choose not to bludgeon him.

And I told him so.

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  1. Hang in there Heather....I am with you sister, frustrated as well! Jen


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