Friday, July 07, 2006

On The Importance Of A Good Mattress

So, I never really gave our mattress much thought. It was bought 3 years ago at IKEA when I bought our king size platform bed. It was really cheap for a king size mattress. I mean cheap. Less than 300 bucks kind of cheap, but it worked. It has always been extremely comfortable. I use to love my bed. I use to look forward to slipping into it each and every night. Immediately after the surgery, upon returning home, I realized that I wouldn't be able to sleep in my bed right off the bat. It was just too low. So, I slept in our guest room on our new twin daybed. I adjusted well. Then, at about week 3, I decided to try my bed again. This time I had no trouble sinking down to my bed's lower levels. Oh, the joy of feeling my own mattress again! I couldn't wait until that night when I could finally sleep.

Imagine my immense disappointment when that night was the worst nights sleep that I had had in years and years (and this includes my "lost years" as a New Orleans undergrad who drank like a fish)! Well, I told myself, I have been pushing myself more and more lately. It only figures that my sleep would be disturbed. Also, we had guests sleeping in the bed, thus ruining my trusty "ass-groove" that I spent the last 3 years cultivating. But still it got no better. After using up to half a dozen pillows in a wide variety of positions, I was still waking up between 5-7 times a night in discomfort. Not good.

Out of desperation, I moved back into the guest room expecting to slowly, perhaps over the course of the next week, ease into sleeping through the night again. Well, that night I slept like a rock. A rock on a twin size, daybed, pillowtopped mattress that was bought with our house guests in mind.

Our new, king size, Sealy pillowtop mattress arrives on Wednesday.

Boring anecdote or fable of some importance? I guess it depends what kind of mattress you have.

Take from this story what you will.

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