Friday, June 09, 2006

A Word About Pain Medication

As I have mentioned before, my pain is very well controlled. The only real trouble I have been having is with nausea, indigestion and sour stomach - nausea being the biggie. For whatever reason, I seem to have a fairly high pain tolerance but an EXTREMELY SENSITIVE STOMACH.

I was sent home from the hospital with 2 types of pain medication. One is an extended release pill which I take every 12 hours called Oxycontin (the generic is 10mg of Oxycodon). The other is an immediate release pill called Oxycodon (5 mg).

I have gotten rid of all of the weird side effects just by eliminating the quick release Oxycodon from my meds regime. In addition to the stomach problems, here's what Oxycodon quick release did to me:

weird and unsettling dreams
inability to achieve deep sleep
muscle soreness (I know this seems weird, but I swear I was more sore on the stuff!)

If the breakthrough pain is too bad with out the quick release Oxycodon, I'm just taking tylenol. I haven't had to do that yet though.

Just a heads up guys. For me Oxycodon = Bad!

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