Sunday, June 04, 2006

Operation update

So here's what's up. Heathers surgery went well and she was actually
only in the operating room for 3 hours instead of the 4 they told us.
Her doctor said they got really good placement and there weren't any
problems. Fortunately she came out of the anaesthesia fine and when I
was finally let in to see her in the recovery room she was chatty and
awake. Unfortunately we had to wait 8 hours in the recovery room for
an available one to move her to. The nurses eventually moved her to a
semi-private room and I was able to stay with her instead of coming in
to visit every hour for five minutes. Her first day after surgery,
Friday, was fine and she had very little pain, they had her on an
epidural and a morphine drip. Saturday she taken off those and put on
Oxycontin and Oxycodone, one for long term pain relief and one for
short term. These have been working and shes had very little pain, on
the other hand since she is eating very little and the medicine tends
to make her sick. Saturday morning was the worst but today, Sunday,
was better. She did have some nausea but nothing like yesterday
morning. Her PT has been progressively getting better as she is able
to walk more and more with her walker. Overall shes done really well
and except for the medicine making her ill everything would've been
perfect. Tomorrow we'll be bringing her home and getting her situated
in her recliner. That's about it, I'm sure Heather will post as soon
as she gets home.


  1. are the best. Thank you for letting us know. Please let Heather know that Jennifer is thinking about her! Sounds like everything is going well. You are definitely giving me hope for Thursday. Get well soon and and praying for you for NO PAIN. Congrats's over and onto a pain free NORMAL life. Jennifer

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Thanks for the update... Josh

  3. It's so great to hear that
    Heather is doing so well. Great News!
    Thanks for the update and hope to hear from you soon!


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