Saturday, June 17, 2006

The 2 Week Check-Up

Okay! I had my two week post-op check up. It wasn't much of a check up. He poked my hip about 3 times and asked me if I had any questions (I had 14, I like to get my money's worth). So, I am officially off of Oxy-Contin, Oxy-Codon, iron pills, Senakot, Colace and the Lovenox injections (twice a day-I will not miss it!).

He left me with a scant prescription for as needed Hydrocodone (aka vicodin) and very few restrictions. I can go swimming (very carefully) but I still shouldn't cross my legs. I can go out to eat, but I shouldn't yet sleep on my un-operated side. Otherwise, if I feel comfortable with doing something, I can do it as long as I keep my op-side toe touch weight bearing only.

Doc said that my very fluidy swelling is nothing to worry about and may hang around as long as 2-3 months (bleh!). My mom leaves tonight and J's mom arrives on Tuesday. My mom has been amazing these last 2 weeks and I am really sorry to see her go. I know Josh's mom is going to show up and cook up a storm. I can't wait for that! It will be nice, though, just to have a few quiet nights to ourselves.

Otherwise, I am just reading a lot and resting. I do not plan on venturing out to any restaurants any time soon. I had enough trouble sitting in my doctor's waiting room for an hour in a wheelchair, I can't imagine how I would manage a regular chair in a restaurant! And I am going to hold off on swimming until my scabby bits have come off of the incision (which they almost have).

I promise to post scar pics in about another week or so. I am waiting for real progress to be made in that dept. I will say, however, that by the 2 week mark my entire incision is healed up and scabby.

That's it for now! So far I think I've been really lucky. It seems that my surgery has been super uneventful and easy compared to some. Contact me with questions!! I'm a captive audience!

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