Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Big Bad Scar

Hi Everyone. I know, you were saying to yourself.....Gee, I want to look at a 6 inch, 22 stitch gash in some strange chick's hip. Well! Today is your lucky day! These were taken today, which is 5 days post-op. Enjoy!

BTW I am doing great. Everyone seems a bit bewildered by both my ability to joke about stuff as well as how awake and aware I am. So, Keep a really positive attitude and it will pay off!
At least, that's what I am sticking too.

I am going to properly review my doctor and the hospital after I am a bit more recovered. I met with my PT guy today. He's cool, but I find myself having to inform and instruct A LOT of people about the fact that I DID NOT HAVE A HIP REPLACEMENT and that this is a very different surgery. Most people are willing to learn, so that's awesome. Otherwise, I'll post more as more develops.


  1. In Boston...tomorrow is the day! Your scar is higher than what I expected...however they are repairing the pelvic area, so understandbly it would be higher. Looks good though. Going to try to get out and check out Boston today. It's laxative and coumadin time. Still so proud of your progress sweetie! Jennifer

  2. Jennifer you'll do great! Keep the faith! Feel free to e-mail me at home with questions or just to complain :)


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