Tuesday, August 29, 2006


For the last 3 days, the old, familiar, grinding, limp-inducing pain has returned...BUT IN MY NON-OP HIP! That's right, in the hip everyone said would last me another 20 years before becoming symptomatic. It's the same pain. I haven't even been able to experience the pleasure of walking through the grocery store without crutches yet and it's the same bloody pain.

Josh says I should not freak out about it b/c it could just be from over taxing that hip for the last 13 weeks. That hip is bearing the brunt of my weight....but I know the pain. IT'S THE SAME PAIN!

I can't have another surgery right now. I need to work. I need to replenish my savings. I can't continue to pay the ridiculous premium my insurance carrier is charging me. I'm supposed to start school in January. I'm supposed to start my life.

I know life isn't fair....but COME ON! Most of you don't know me or my life so far, but suffice to say, I've paid my dues. For what I've been through these last few years, I should have good karma coming out of my ass. AARRGGHHHH!!!!!

There, I feel better now.

But my bloody left hip doesn't.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM


    Sorry to hear that karma is kicking you still...Josh could be right you have been on crutches for a LONG time and it does do a number on your hip and your body needs to get working in sync on both sides...However, you know your body and the pain and I too had the same problem and did number 2 within 7 months of each other (I am symmetrical now though #2 has been a more difficult rehab and I can't wait till the screws are out!)...Two things I would suggest
    1. Call your docs and ask if you can get off those crutches and start rehabbing or get started on the x-rays etc for unop side; it really is hard to make a call on the pain without testing the waters
    2. After getting off of crutches wait a a year after first surgery live life and regroup see if it is still there

    In the meantime have a stiff drink!


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