Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nothing Super Exciting To Report

Things are going well. I go to PT twice a week. Though I am still tired all the time, (more of a general malaise, really) my stamina is improving dramatically. I can cook dinner, do the dishes and bake bread in the same afternoon without breaking into a cold sweat and passing out from exhaustion, so that's nice. I'm getting back to normal. I can also sit at my desk, hunched over my computer screen, in a decidedly "hip unfriendly" position for hours on end. As that is basically what I'm paid to do, that too is good.

I slept terribly last night though. Couldn't get comfortable. Tossed and turned. Very weird. I did have a particularily difficult PT session earlier that day, so maybe that was it.

Oh, and I am sooooooooo over the crutches.

But yes, I am still forcing myself to use them, as ordered.

I have been drifting in and out of a post-surgical funk lately. I think I am just bored and frustrated and tired of the limitations. I was telling my PT guy how funny we humans are. Three months ago I was so sore, all of the time. I could barely walk. Now, my pain level is at zero and all I can do is think back on those "glory days" when i could walk without crutches. Sure, I was in abject and profound pain, but BY GOD, I WAS CRUTCH FREE!

Does nothing ever satisfy us? We are so impatient as a species, so quick to forget the reality of the situation and substitute one of our own making, one which will always leave us deeply dissappointed. What a self fullfilling prophecy we are. Our natures work against us.

Remember that when you are still on crutches at week 11+ and can't remember why. It might help you. It did for me.


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    But Heather if you are at week 11...doesn't that mean you only have 1 more to go?

    Hang in there all is good...Remember that once you get off the crutches you and ALL other people will VERY quickly forget that anything was wrong but you will still be healing so outward signs such as crutches can be useful for awhile take it from someone just off the crutches...

    Patience as this to will pass RK

  2. Nay, I have 3 more weeks to go. And I know that by this time next month, this will all be over.

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Hang in there Heather...have you cheated around the house or for short distances? I was chafing at 7 weeks so 14 weeks would likely put me in the loony bin...You got some grit girl

  4. Well, of course I'm cheatng around the house! I have discipline, but I'm not crazy ;)

    In the kitchen when I'm cooking, I go down to one crutch. If Josh catches me walking crutch-free, he freaks out - so I stay on one crutch. He saves me from myself. He's good like that.

  5. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Good I am glad to hear that you are mortal but have your conscious (Josh) watching over the imp

  6. It will be fun to hurl them as far as humanly possible. Jennifer


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