Friday, August 04, 2006

This Is Funny

So, my brother is in town and we're having a grand old time. Yesterday, we decided to try the new Vietnamese place in town, Pho Bac. We get in there and the poor owner is trying to service about 10 tables himself. He brings our menus and explains to us that his new waitress called in sick and he's THE ONLY ONE IN THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT. He is both Cook and Waiter. The poor guy! We decided to stick it out. Well, after waitng a really, really, really long time, Josh's and my brother's food is brought to the table. Silverware, however, doesn't arrive. After about 5 minutes of us staring at their food, we see the owner walking toward us with 2 rolls of silverware in his hands. He stops short and gives them to the table next to us (they don't have food yet).

Finally, I can't take it anymore. I say to the table, "I got it!" and I leap up and take about 4 strides around the table when I freeze. I forgot my crutches. They are propped up casually next to my chair, shrouded in anticipation. For a brief minute, I even consider going on. I mean, why not, I was already around the table and I was in no pain. My good sense got the better of me. Suddenly, I blurt out, "I don't have my crutches!" and shoot Josh and my brother a rather panicked look.

It takes a few seconds for the ramifications of this statement to settle in to their brains, they too saw nothing out of the ordinary from my leap up. When it did, there was a shared, "OOOOOH!" and several request for me to sit down. Which I did.


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hey Heather

    Totally natural and happens as you get past that 2 month mark from surgery...

    Just a sign that you are getting better...

    Just don't do it all the time


  2. I was on the beach yesterday and forgot shoes. As the sand was getting progressively blisteringly hot, I started running, crutches swinging in the air. Similar, yet, dangerous because of the incorporated run. Dumb as nails. Jennifer

  3. Anonymous5:03 PM


    I am the owner of PHO-BAC and it was the day that I was not expected alot of people. However, if you can stop by and see me, I will give you a treat on my account.


    Tom Pham


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