Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Would Just Like To Say

That at 68 days out from surgery I can finally shave my legs in the shower. And I mean, the whole leg, from the ankle up! No more sitting near the bathtub with my legs cast over the side trying frantically to reach my ankle with a razor without slicing off any skin. Thank God!

Also, I started my PT on Friday last. It's fine. My first appointment was pretty lo-fi, more interview and stretching than anything. My last appt. was a bit more strenuous. They have this machine which is basically a seated eliptical machine. I was on level 6 of 10 and worked up quite a sweat. It felt so good to actually be able to move my body again and exercise. Then my PT guy stretches me out in about 20 different ways and ices down the hip. I have PT from now until the end of August, twice a week.

Insurance Update: I am now having to call my insurance company every few days b/c they STILL haven't paid my hospital and surgery bill and it's been over 60 days! Last week, they finally listed both as paid and this week they revoked that status until they can confirm that this wasn't a pre-existing condition. Well, its NOT! A pre-existing condition is something you've seen a doctor for in the past year. I haven't seen anyone in years. The last doc I saw was back in Philly and he told me I should just wait and see. Which I did. Sheeeesh! These guys!

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