Sunday, May 14, 2006

17 Days and Counting....

Holy crap, its only 17 days away. It's really starting to sink in now. Friends were marveling at how well I was taking this up-coming surgery. I was a real trooper. Now, my mind is racing and I am starting to get scared. A wise woman once gave me a very important phrase/mantra which applies in this situation. It is to be repeated as often as necessary. "In _________, this will all be over." In 17 days, this will all be over. In 17 days, this will all be over. In 17 days, this will all be over.


  1. Ok so I have a tear in my labrum and dc with hip dysplasia. I'm 42 I needed to stop my spin classes and even walking is painful. I've gained 20lbs and very depressed. O live for the gym, gardening, walking running with dog and young kids, I can't even kick a soccer ball:(
    I went for my arthogram MRI injection Monday . The procedure was so easy!!! I was given twilight sedation and had it done in same day surgery . That day I felt great! But today and yesterday it hurts more than it ever has. I was told to expect this, but how long will it last???

  2. I'd say the pain from my arthrogram was better after about 2-3 days. Anything longer then that and I'd check in with your doc. Its probably not a big deal, you're just sensitive and sore in that area, but its always best to check in.

    As for the exercise, I LOVE the pool. I found the county rec center pool and joined and I swim whenever I can. Swimming laps is an awesome workout and it feels soooooo good on the hips. Being in the water, for me, is like feeling normal again! When runners have joint injuries they train in the water to maintain their condition. We can too! Try to find a pool and join - you will no be disappointed.


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