Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally Crutch Free!!!

Yesterday, day 97, I was FINALLY given the go ahead to lose the crutches. No cane, no crutches, just my own two legs with the following restrictions:

1. No running/jogging - this is soooo not a problem

2. No contact sports - you mean i can't continue my career as a NFL pro? OK.

3. No breast stroke in the pool - still no whip kicks, which is my favorite kick, but I can deal with that.

4. No "strenuous" yoga - only b/c my drs wife took a class obviously way above her level and did some sort of damage. He really didn't know anything about yoga, but that experience was enough to put him off. I'm still going to take yoga though. Having taken it on and off for years, I know what my body can and can't do.

SO, that's it! He wants me to start walking right away and he thinks my hip is healing really great. As for the other hip, or my "new bad hip" as I'm calling it, it is also dysplastic, but mildly so. Dr. said that if my op hip showed moderate dysplasia, than my "new bad hip" only showed mild dysplasia. This means, we'll be taking a wait and see approach to it. However, I asked him if it was common for the non-op side to start acting up after so long a recovery and he said absolutely. So that's good to know.

BTW, I just got back from a walk round my neighborhood. I walked (with hand weights) for 30 minutes, pain free. When we got to the end of our block, I asked Josh how long it had been since I had walked that far, we came up with 3 years. I kept walking for another 25 minutes after that. A little clicking in my op side, but NO PAIN.



  1. Anonymous1:08 PM


    Congratulations this has been a long time in coming!

    Now get out their and kick some butt


  2. Many congratulations on the crutch free life style - live it up girl!

  3. WOOT!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Just make sure you don't play any football or wrestle.

  4. That football will be hard to leave behind.... ;)

  5. Congrats made it! Jennifer


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