Thursday, September 21, 2006

4 Month Update

Things are good. My operated side feels really good. I STILL can't lie comfortably on that side for any length of time and I have no idea why, but that's ok. I front half of the operated thigh and most of the hip is still numb but that, too, is ok. My other side, the "new bad hip" is holding steady. I decided to cook us a full fledged dinner last night, with heavy cast iron pots and by the end of it all I was limping on my non-op side. While it was temporary, that does scare me a bit, what with me starting culinary school in the spring.....

I have new and improved goals. I bought an elliptical machine (a really cheap one) and its fun. I am so out of shape, I can only do 5 minutes at a time before I feel like I am going to die. So, I figure if I can do 5 minutes a day, soon I'll be able to do 10 minutes a day, etc. etc. The elliptical is great b/c its super low impact on your joints. Its even better for your joints than walking and it doesn't bother either of my hips. I want to lose about 40 lbs. Getting the extra weight off of my hips will be sooooo good for them, it might even eliminate the pain I am feeling now. Also, it will put me well within the "healthy BMI range" which is someplace I don't think I have ever been. I hear it's nice. Warm and sunny, all the time. And its always bathing suit appropriate.

We'll see.

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  1. Heather...sounds like you are doing well. You are hilarious. You always write with such realism. I still cannot lie on my op side yet that long either. However, when I do, I am in heaven. It feels good and then after about an hour I start thinking about what is going on inside the new hip...screws, etc. Ick. Weird and uncomfortable thoughts. Keep up the good work. Try to balance your weight evenly on both feet when you stand, it helps to alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing on your non op side. I think we are favoring our op side by putting way too much weight on the non op side. Just my thoughts. Glad to hear you are doing so well. I just passed my 15 week mark and sometimes forget about all the pain I was in since 1999. Thank God I did has changed my life! Jen


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