Friday, June 29, 2007

What's The Deal With Lefty?

So, my left hip....she's tricky.

Doc said that while my right hip needed to be corrected by about 20 degrees, old lefty only needs, at best, a 10 degree correction. Doc said that he'd rather not do a 10 degree PAO unless it's absolutely necessary. But he did say I was welcome to have an Arthrogram/MRI - gee, really? Thanks! Basically, I am back to the beginning. Doc says I should wait it out until I can't take the pain in my left side anymore. Then we'll go for the PAO.

I suppose it could be worse.

The sick thing is that I was kind of looking forward to having another PAO. Not the surgery/recovery, but the finality of it. The knowing that this is it. All finished!

Oh well, it's a waiting game for all of us, isn't it? This life thing....I guess it's what we do while we're waiting that counts. Me? I'm still going to insist on finishing culinary school and despite what anyone thinks, I will be a pastry chef. While I wait.

I suggest you do what ever it is you fancy while you wait.


  1. Gah! That's what my surgeon told me about getting my second one done. My left leg is just slightly dysplastic, in comparison to the right one (which I had done in 2006); but it definitely lets me know it's not well sometimes. More often, recently.

    I've decided to do Ol' Lefty in Spring '09, whether "I can't take it anymore" or not. I hate having this...thing...LOOMING out there. I just want it over!!

    Good for you, continuing to pursue your plans! Mmmm...pastry... :)

  2. Hi - I was born with dysplasia in both hips and have had two surgeries - most recently a PAO in 2001 with Joel Matta. I just went to the Ortho yesterday and was told I'll need another PAO on my right hip.

    I really have never sought other people with similar problems. It's good to see that you are out there.

    I'm in Portland, OR, I'm 21, and my name is Allison.

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  4. Anonymous2:50 AM

    About a week ago I felt asharp pain in my femur/hip, felt like the leg was going to get dislocated backwards twords the buttox, I feel it when I twist a certain way, but now I feel the pain even more, I dont want to go to the doctor because this could comprimise me getting in the U.S. ARMY, im 18 and cant afford medical bills either, I feel like this can be the end to my life... I cant live as a cripple.....

  5. Hey Anonymous! You have to get this checked out by a doctor. Primarily because it could be NOTHING! Or It could be totally treatable! Don't panic yet. Go see a doc.


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