Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Health Insurance Warning, Part 3,042

Wow. I hate Health Insurance. I mean really hate the whole system.

Our current plan was being raised to ungodly numbers (more than our current mortgage) so we have been trying to shop around for other plans. During the initial quote process, I was being quoted a little over $300 and Josh is being quoted about $200. Why is an older man with back problems less of a risk than little old me? Well, as I am female, Big Insurance immediately assumes that I can't wait for babies to shoot out of my vagina. Oh, the pregnancies we'll have! That will teach Insurance! Who came up with this? Oh, that's right - old white men.

Anyway, the initial quote is fine. A 20% increase would've been fine. After underwriting, Josh was fine. Me? My quote AT LEAST DOUBLED.

Why? Well, because now that my hip condition is "resolved with surgery" it is all the more likely to explode. That is the only possible reason I can think of for such a price increase. The hip requires no more surgery. It's inherent explosive nature must've been "tripped" during the PAO and now I am just a ticking bomb. Ticking bombs are cheap, the aftermath is a different story. THAT costs money.

Money I don't have. Hell, if I can't pay the $700/month they want me to pay in insurance, how can I afford having all of my hundreds of babies while frantically dodging my hip shrapnel?

You tell me!

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  1. I'm sorry about you health insurance woos.

    What ware you making for dessert for Thanksgiving, I hear everyone is coming to you.


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